Wedding Policies

Photographs and Videos

Flash photography and/or video cameras with lights/flash, by professionals or friends, are not permitted in the Sanctuary or Courtyard during Service of Worship.  Photos/videos of the wedding party may be taken as they enter or leave the Sanctuary or Courtyard, from behind the last row of where the guests are seated, the rear of the Chapel or Courtyard and the Sanctuary Choir Loft.  The photographer(s) shall not precede the Bride or any person in the wedding party down the aisle.

It is the renter’s sole responsibility to inform both paid professional photographers and wedding guests of these limitations.

Decorations and Flowers

The decorations will not be aloud to be placed at the front of the Sanctuary as not to obscure the great symbols of the faith – the Cross, Communion Table and Pulpit.  We do have candelabras and candles are aloud, but they must be of the drip-less type and protective sheets will be used to protect the floor and furniture from wax.  Nothing may be placed on the piano or organ. All candles must be pre-approved by the Hospitality Coordinator


 The renter is welcome to use the church pastor (if she is available) or use his/her own minister.  If the renter should choose to use another pastor, please give the Hospitality Coordinator the pastor’s name and contact information.  In accordance with the Book of Order the renter’s pastor must be invited to assist by both the Pastor and Session of our church.

Pre-wedding Slideshow

First Presbyterian Church has a screen and projector that can display slideshows or videos.  Should the renter choose to use a video the renter must create it and save it to a DVD or CD.  The Hospitality Coordinator will set it up on the day of the wedding.


First Presbyterian Church has a fully equipped sound system.  If the renter would like to use recorded music (from a computer or Ipod) our Hospitality Coordinator can help set it up, but the renter must use their own person to operate the sound system during Service.

First Presbyterian also has a fully working organ and piano and the renter is welcome to use the church’s Music Director if she is available (see Fee Schedule for more info).  If she is unavailable or the renter wishes to use someone else, the renter is welcome to bring in their own musician(s).  Outside musicians and the renter are liable for any damage to the church’s instruments. 


The caterer is responsible for removing all trash from the reception area, kitchen and trash must be taken out to the curb (bags are provided).  The caterer is also responsible for the complete clean-up of the church’s kitchen.  If the caterer does not adhere to this policy then the responsibility falls onto the renter to remove trash and clean the kitchen.

First Presbyterian Church does not require that the renter have a caterer.  If the renter should choose not to have a caterer removal of trash and kitchen clean-up, as stated above, falls to the renter.

If this policy is not executed to the Church’s satisfaction the damage deposit will not be returned to the renter.

Caterer(s) and/or renter are liable for any damage in an amount to be determined by First Presbyterian Church.

It is the renter’s sole responsibility to inform the caterer(s) of this policy.

Bride and Groom Exit

For the safety of our furry and flying friends and of your guests, rice or birdseed is not permitted for use inside or outside of the church facilities by the renter or guests.  In lieu of birdseed or rice, the church suggests that the renter and guests use rose petals, bubbles or wedding sparklers.  The renter is responsible for cleaning up the rose petals.


The damage deposit(s) is due at the same time the rental application is submitted and the full payment/fees amount is due 30 days prior to the day of the wedding and/or reception.  If the renter’s full payment/fees is not received 30 days prior to the event, the rental agreement shall be considered null and void and the damage deposit(s) will not be refunded.  The church will only accept checks from the renter.  Please make all checks out to First Presbyterian Church.


The damage deposit is forfeited should the renter cancel the wedding and/or reception at anytime after the renter’s application is approved.  The renter has 3 days prior to the event to cancel.  If the renter cancels the event after the given date, then only one half of the full payment amount will be refunded.

Fire Regulations

Smoking is not permitted inside the church facilities or in the church courtyard.  The renter will be subject to an additional charge should the renter, guests, employees or agents smoke in the building or courtyard.

Candles are permitted at the wedding ceremony provided that the proper provision is made to prevent drips and they are extinguished immediately following the ceremony.

Time Limits

The standard reception rental period allows two hours (2) for the event, one (1) hour for set up and one (1) hour for clean up.

The standard wedding rental period allows one (1) hour of rehearsal time and three (3) hours for the day of the wedding.  This time includes dressing time for the bride and groom and any decorations for the Sanctuary or Courtyard.

Wedding rehearsals will be limited to one (1) hour and may be no more than twenty-four (24) hours before the actual ceremony.

Unscheduled overtime is $75.00 per hour.

Alcoholic Beverages

Please submit a guest and wedding party count along with the requested amount of champagne or wine to the Hospitality Coordinator for approval.  Only one (1) bar may be set up due to limited space. Alcoholic beverages may be served for no longer than an hour and a half (1hr 30mins) and must stop being served and beverages secured no later than thirty (30) minutes befor the reception ends.  All alcohol requests must be approved before it is brought onto the church premises.  The alcohol deposit will only be refunded if renter adheres to this policy.

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