The Great I Am

The lesson for today is the story of Moses meeting the angel of God in the burning bush. I’d like to share with you my own story of encountering God in this like manner.

My past life has been one of exercised greed and self-indulgence. I’ve taken God’s gifts and wasted them on pursuits that did not feed my soul nor provide for anyone else. I purposely lived to test and defy God’s love for me.

When I found myself at the bottom of my existence- beyond the wilderness- the farthest point I thought I could be from God that is when I would encounter the burning bush, God’s presence. That is when God would call out to me and remind me of whom he is.

He would call me by name to lay down those worldly things that separate me from his full contact with me knowing that I have been calling out for this encounter. He would call me into his presence and remind me that He is the author and creator of all things and that everything I touch or could even consider was wonderfully made from the smallest particles. He would remind me that he controls the greatest destructive power I know but has no reason to exercise that power even on a simple bush. That being the great I am is all there is from the beginning until there is no more, that He does not need me to exist, to have being, He just needs me to love and tell the story of His love.

It is these burning bush moments that God gathers me up, wipes my nose and sets me back on the path back to spiritual health. As we part he leaves with me a yearning to experience the magic and majesty of his presence again and to bring his people with me next time. So I invite you all come and enjoy the wonders of our Living God, the great I Am.


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