Presbyterian Glossary

If you are new to the Presbyterian Church (or to church in general), you may hear some terms you are not familiar with.  So, here is a cheat sheet to help you sound like a life long Presby.

PCUSA–stands for Presbyterian Church USA. That is the denomination First Presbyterian is a part of.

Sanctuary–the space in which we hold worship

Narthex–is the entry way of the sanctuary

Chancel-the part of the sanctuary from which the pastor, liturgist and musicians lead worship.

Session–the governing board of the church, elected by the members. Most of the decisions about programing, administration and outreach are made by these representatives. Very few items are voted on by the entire congregation.

Presbytery–our regional governing board. We are part of the Presbytery of Arkansas.

General Assembly–the national meeting of our denomination that gathers every two years.

Camp Ferncliff–our Presbytery camp and conference center located just outside of Little Rock in Ferndale.

Solar-Under-The-Sun–a mission program of our denomination that builds solar panels to power water filtration systems and installs them in places like Haiti.

DAC–Disaster Assistance Center at Camp Ferncliff where supplies are gathered and assembled into kits to be distributed to victims of disasters.

Montreat–the national conference center of the PCUSA, located in Montreat, North Carolina.

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