Church Secrets

Okay, these really aren’t secrets, just things you might not know if First Pres is new to you.

During the week, the back door to the church in the alley is the door most likely to be open.

Our secretary, Kay Patton, is here daily from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Our church is home to several artists, a photographer and a recording studio, so even during the week, we have quite a bit of activity going on.

Our church is a peanut-free zone, as we have several children with nut allergies.

Come early on Sundays and join us in the narthex (entryway) of the sanctuary for coffee and conversation.

The pastor has a wacky schedule, so if you want to be sure and catch her, send an e-mail ( or call the church office at 501-374-7677 to make an appointment. But please feel free to stop in any time you are in the area just to say hello.

First Pres is the only brick-and-mortar church in downtown North Little Rock.

3 thoughts on “Church Secrets”

  1. For folks not familar with your area an easy available MAP in blue showing your exact location would be nice. Please forgive me if you have it and I couldn’t find it 🙂

  2. Just to let you know,i love reading your articles in north little rock times. yu speak truth in the word. i am a cradle catholic. too much judging, in GODS eyes he looks at the heart of the matter.your great. a friend or should i say a sister in christ.

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