About Our Interim Pastor

First Pres Argenta is in the midst of a search for a called pastor. In the meantime, Rev. Michael Vinson serves as the interim pastor for the church.

Rev. Vinson attended Memphis Theological Seminary in the mid ’90s and afterward pastored at First Presbyterian Church in Beebe. A few years later, he took a part-time job with the Presbytery of Arkansas as Staff Resource for Mission Discernment. Since then, he has worked with churches and provided workshops within the Presbytery to help congregations discern next steps in their mission. Previous to his pastoral experience, Rev. Vinson worked in public health education. He holds a Masters degree in Public Health from the University of Tennessee – Knoxville.

Rev. Vinson is a father, grandfather, uncle, brother, and son.  He enjoys biking, swimming, and making pottery.  He also publishes a weekly blog called Food for the Soul. He looks forward to his new adventure with First Pres Argenta.

2 thoughts on “About Our Interim Pastor”

  1. Judith, not sure why you’re getting those. I should be getting them. It’s to keep spam/ads off the comments. Sorry for the inconvenience–especially after your kind words.

  2. Point taken about direct connection to the pastor, so I have added my email to the pastor’s page. But “remote icon” hardly describes the pastor of a little church that is growing, but still struggling to pay the bills. I’d also be surprised if our secretary treats anyone like an annoying stranger. She does often ask what a call is regarding just to give the scattered pastor a chance to collect her thoughts before answering. A lot of people do choose to follow our church’s Facebook page and/or “friend” me on FB. But, I have found that people can always come up with some reason why they don’t go to church that has nothing to do with them, but everything to do with the church.

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