About Our Pastor

Rev. Anne Russ is a native of Arkansas. She has lived in Atlanta, Boston, Duesseldorf and London, but always seems to find her way back home.

Anne is a graduate of Andover Newton Theological School in Boston. She is frequently a keynote speaker or music and worship leader for various local and regional conferences. She is on the board of Ferncliff Camp and Conference Center and spends a week as a chaplain at camp every summer. She also serves as a founding board member of The People Tree.

Anne writes a weekly column on religion that appears in the North Little Rock Times, The Sherwood Voice, The Jacksonville Patriot and the Maumelle Monitor.

She and her mother, Nancy, are authors of two books, Was the Funeral Fun? and What’s More Fun than a Funeral? 

The Anne Russ Award is given annually to the graduate of the Donaghey Scholars Program at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock who “most reminds us that this is supposed to be fun.”

Fun is a major theme for Anne, who believes in the opening words of the Westminster Shorter Catechism; that our goal in life is to glorify God and enjoy God forever.

Anne is married and has an 13-year-old daughter. You can contact her at revruss@gmail.com.

4 thoughts on “About Our Pastor”

    1. Judith, not sure why you’re getting those. I should be getting them. It’s to keep spam/ads off the comments. Sorry for the inconvenience–especially after your kind words.

  1. I think you all are pretty cool. I’m not a member of your church and have never attended, but I do know about you. The website is good and the pastor’s blog is a nice touch. Now, don’t hate me for saying this, please (yes, here comes the ‘But…’):

    Is there a reason there is no contact information for the pastor whatsoever? I mean, beyond the church address or admin email? I can certainly understand not including her personal number or email, but the message she seems to hope to convey, or at least one of them, to ‘reach out…’ is somewhat undermined without, for example, an email that would go directly to her, and only her. This is an oversight or non-inclusion I’ve seen in other churches of various flavors and it does seem to hurt growth of congregation. (I’ve done some free lance research queries between local residents and churches…i.e. I might query a resident who doesn’t go to church and find out they are ‘too shy’ or don’t want to go some place ‘strange’ etc, but many say there is no attempt by church leaders to a) find them or b) they can’t get through to a pastor or priest except via gatekeeper, or don’t know how to meet them).

    a) can be handled through social media and old school ‘canvassing’ and b can be handled with a direct line of query to the pastor. Since pastors have meetings, the use of email or text messaging is very handy because it can be that first, very important attempt by someone in the community to communicate with the pastor. This should be placed on the home page, not the ‘about the pastor’ page. I could explain why that is but then it would be technical info related yo GUI’s and brain processing and why bore you any more than I might have already?

    I will add one final refrain I heard from folks around the country about why don’t you go to that church?’ and it is this: There’s no way I’m going to believe that place could be my spiritual home when the head of the house acts like a remote icon I have to book a meeting with six weeks in advance and the secretary treats me like an annoying stranger and also wants to know WHY I want to see the priest/pastor it’s none of her business! And if the pastor is that aloof or busy, it makes me feel less hopeful, not more. What good is that when I’m curious/hurting/unsure NOW!?’

    This info is provided free of charge 😉 Do with it what you will. The sad part is, even after relay a full fact finding to some institution, they often do nothing with it but carry on bemoaning that membership is leaking like a siv. Anyway, I’ve heard the excuses…uh…’reasons’ other churches give. I’m curious what yours might be.


    1. Point taken about direct connection to the pastor, so I have added my email to the pastor’s page. But “remote icon” hardly describes the pastor of a little church that is growing, but still struggling to pay the bills. I’d also be surprised if our secretary treats anyone like an annoying stranger. She does often ask what a call is regarding just to give the scattered pastor a chance to collect her thoughts before answering. A lot of people do choose to follow our church’s Facebook page and/or “friend” me on FB. But, I have found that people can always come up with some reason why they don’t go to church that has nothing to do with them, but everything to do with the church.

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