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Sinfully Proud

For dyed-in-the-wool Presbyterians (of which there are fewer and fewer every day…although, we’re raising a new generation of them), the word “pride” evokes thoughts of sin. For pride–in our own abilities, in our own brain power, in our own efforts–is the thing that often keeps us from God. Note some words below from John Calvin: …

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An Update

Hello Friends and Members of First Presbyterian Church in North Little Rock, On behalf of the session of First Presbyterian Church in Argenta, I wanted to update you on the work and preparation that is being done as we approach the end of Reverend Anne Russ’ time with us as our pastor.   The session has …

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Lenten Devotions Day 19

We take a break from our Lenten Devotions to celebrate International Women’s Day by remembering one of the bold, brazen women in the Bible. Luke 7:36-49 Simon the Pharisee knew it. Probably everyone who had gathered at the dinner knew it. This woman was a sinner! She was a woman of ill-repute, she was tainted, …

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