Moving Forward in Gratitude

A Note from Our Pastor

Over the last three weeks, worship has been led by members of our very capable session.  We have been using the ancient practice of Lectio Divina to look at Biblical passages and reflect on their meaning for us as a church.  Many thanks to those who led worship and all who participated.
Additionally we have been continuing our discernment work as we seek new ways to serve God in this place at this time.  Over the last three weeks we have been reflecting on God’s presence among us and how that looks and feels to us.  We have also been digging into our story to reflect on the lessons we have learned and how to apply those lessons to the next step in our ministry.  We have also been considering our assumptions about who we are.  Last week we begin to consider what things need to be eliminated, reduced, increased, and created in the next steps of ministry.
There have been many learnings over the last month or so and many great insights and ideas about what our future will look like.  It is an exciting time in our community of faith and we are excited about bold new steps in ministry.  As we plan for those steps we would love to have your input, so consider joining us on Sunday for worship and fruitful discussions regarding who God is calling us to be.
Blessings on the Journey,
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