Challenging our Assumptions

A Word from our Pastor

This week Amy will be leading us in worship as we continue with lectio divina.   As a part of worship and discernment we are going to consider one of the big criticisms of the church by people who do not attend.  Often we hear people talk about the fact that we say we believe one thing but that is not reflected in our actions and behaviors.  This week we are going to begin to look at the assumptions we have about ourselves.  This is not always easy.  So, think about the assumptions you have about our church.  We will begin to make a list and next week, I will share with you how assumptions affect our actions and behaviors.  Then we will begin to think about lining up our actions and behaviors with our purpose.     

We are interested in your thoughts as we move through this discernment process and hope that you can join us on Sunday’s as we discern and build momentum for our next steps in ministry.
Upcoming Synod Event–IMAGINE:Compassion
Through conversation and action, participants in IMAGINE:Compassion will hear, see, and feel the story of those mobilized to help asylum seekers and children separated from their parents at the Texas/Mexico border.
If you are interested in learning more or attending this event, please check out this link:
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