Blessed to be a Blessing

A Note from Our Pastor

This week we continue with our lectio divina in the fellowship hall. Bernadette will be leading us in worship this week.  We will also continue our discernment work by looking at our congregational story, considering how our past informs our future. 

The Gary Gault Trust–a Ministry of the Church

In 1996, Gary Hampton Gault established a trust naming First Presbyterian Church of North Little Rock the named beneficiary.  When he was homeless years prior, the members of this congregation showed him love and kindness that was not forgotten and Gary wanted to pass this love on to others.  The church is given a disbursement of funds twice a year to use “for the benefit of the poor and needy.”  What a wonderful way to live out our mandate by Jesus Christ to care for one another!

When the members of this congregation took care of Mr. Gault, they did so not expecting anything in return.  And today, 23 years later, the church is in a position to help so many people who are in need of clothing, housing, and food for themselves and their families.  Thanks be to God that we have received grace upon grace.  

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