Reflecting to Move Forward

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A message from our Pastor
If you haven’t been able to attend church on Sunday lately, you are getting way behind on what is going on.  We are doing some deep diving into scripture and having some great conversations related to our future.

Last Sunday we began looking at scripture using the ancient practice of Lectio Divina.  We had great discussion about sin, righteousness, and lost things.  The discussion on sin might have surprised you!  We also talked about our grief related to our current story.  We expressed our sadness, anger and disappointments related to our recent history.  And we acknowledge that we have done the best we could do under the circumstances.  But most importantly, we expressed our hope and excitement for the future.
For the next 3 Sundays I will be gone on a trip that I have been planning for a long time: I will be traveling in Spain, and I’m looking forward to this trip.
While I am away, members of the session will be leading the Lectio Divina worship and some discussion afterwards to help us on the discernment path.  In addition to the Lectio Divina there is a time of prayers for thanksgiving and intercession for you to offer your prayers for thanksgiving and any needs that you would like to pray for.  And remember to keep our church in prayers.
We continue to meet in the fellowship hall where it is nice and cool.  I hope you will make plans to join us.
Peace and joy,
Rev. Michael Vinson

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