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Keep the Welcome Going

In a world where the Bible is often used as a weapon, and Christianity is distorted to justify hate, First Pres Argenta stands as a beacon of love and acceptance. It’s a place where the Bible is studied, not thumped. A place where all of scripture is interpreted through the words and witness of Jesus Christ. A place that seeks to serve the community and the world around us. A place where everyone is welcome at the table.

As you know, First Pres Argenta is going through some changes. Our pastor of the last nine years, Rev. Anne Russ, is departing, and the session and other members of First Pres Argenta are hard at work and prayer discerning what comes next.

As often happens when a pastor departs, there is a financial crunch for the congregation–some members move on and churches like ours without many financial resources struggle in the interim during this change of seasons in the life of our congregation.

We see 2019 as a rebuilding year for us. As you know, First Pres Argenta believes that hospitality, welcome and inclusion are at the heart of the Gospel and what it means to be Christian. We are committed to continuing to be an active, welcoming presence at the corner of 4th and Maple.

If First Pres has made a difference in your life, we ask that you consider First Pres Argenta in your end of year giving plans, or even to committing to a regular gift each month in 2019.

Help us keep the welcome going at First Pres Argenta.

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