An Update

Hello Friends and Members of First Presbyterian Church in North Little Rock,

On behalf of the session of First Presbyterian Church in Argenta, I wanted to update you on the work and preparation that is being done as we approach the end of Reverend Anne Russ’ time with us as our pastor.   The session has been in prayer and in conversation about this process.  We continue to ask the Holy Spirit to work in and among us during this time.

On August 5th a group will begin a visioning process for our church.  There will be members of the session, me, David Murray and Kennedy Kasten and then a couple folks from the congregation; Rhonda Soule and Bernadette Rhodes.  This group will be working with Rev. Michael Vinson to help us create the vision for our church moving forward. Anne and Cameron will participate in the initial meetings but then they will step away to let the vision team work on our own.

Also, the Committee on Ministry (COM) of the Presbytery has assigned us two great liaisons to help in the process of visioning and attracting/selecting a new pastor.  They are Rev. Lindy Vogado and Rev. Carol Clark. They will be meeting with vision team and session after our time with Michael.

Thousands of churches go through this process every year.  This is just our turn, and it will be an exciting time discovering what God has in store for our ministry within the church and out in the community.

The session will continue to update you through letters, announcements in worship and through social media on the steps being taken to continue to shape the ministry of First Presbyterian Church of North Little Rock during this transition.

Yours in Christ,

Joel Cory Gill (Session Member, Class of 2020)


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