From Palms to Passion–It’s Everyone’s Story

The journey of Holy Week is one that we can all relate to. A story that begins with a triumphant entry into Jerusalem and ends at the cross.

We have all had days, weeks, years (and even seasons) that begin with joy and promise and then turn unexpectedly to tragedy and trauma.

  • The phone call that changed everything
  • The career that took an unexpected nose dive
  • The diagnosis that couldn’t possibly be right
  • The relationship that tanked when we thought everything was fine

We know what it’s like for promising beginnings to turn into endings we never predicted, expected or desired.

Such is the story of Holy Week. A week that begins with Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem to shouts of Hosanna! and ends in the pain and suffering of the cross.

And yet, that is not the end.

Holy Week paves the way for Easter. For the promise that the tragic ending is not at all the ending.  For the hope that there is promise beyond what we can imagine with our own limited minds. For the assurance that even death does not get the last word.

Join us as we make the journey through the familiar story that we need to hear  and experience again and again and again.

Holy Week and Easter at First Pres Argenta 





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