Lenten Devotion Day 17


Genesis 12:1-3

Blessed to be a blessing.

This is one of the most profound theological concepts in scripture. Here is the revelation from God that God has chosen to work in the world through human agents—through a chosen people. Not that God is helpless without humanity or that humans are given some sort of divine status. But that God has chosen to give humans the responsibility of mediating the blessing of God to the world. Whoa.

Blessed so that we will be a blessing.  How are we being a blessing today? What are we willing to do in order to be that blessing?

Many centuries ago, an old man received a call. In a bold move, he left what was familiar and what was comfortable and ventured out into a new frontier with only a promise. He set out with weary legs, a barren wife and only a few possessions.

But this man, who was faithful enough to venture into uncharted territory, gave birth to a nation, and from that nation came a savior, and from that savior came a church and from that church come people who are committed to following Christ and answering Abraham’s call.

One man who knew that he was blessed and was willing to venture into the unknown in order to also be a blessing.

May we be as bold and fearless as Abraham, living lives as people who know that we are blessed, trusting in the God who blesses us and working to be a blessing to others.

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