Lenten Devotion Day 12

Exodus 19:1-9a

1 Peter 2:4-10

The priests of Levi were called out by God to be a separate entity from the rest of the Israelite population. They were chosen to represent what the entire nation should have been. It didn’t take them long, however, to corrupt God’s plan. The original plan to be separate and unique from the rest of the world, to love God above all else, was fulfilled in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, who has allowed us to approach God freely.

The priests couldn’t approach God freely without first performing cleansing rituals. Jesus’s death shredded the curtain and removed the divide for these rituals keeping others from experiencing God in complete and total fullness.

I am drawn to the imagery of Moses on Mount Sinai, climbing the mountain to appear before God himself. I think of Jesus as our Chief Cornerstone, the foundation holding the structure together, the bedrock of the mountain of our faith. “When the Earth all around is sinking sand, on Christ the solid Rock I stand”.  This Stone that the builders rejected is my Salvation.

“When the storms of life rage, when the storms of life threaten, when there’s no firm foundation, when the winds of sorrow blow”, we can go directly to the Rock for strength and support. This is our unique priesthood, our chosen status as the people God called to be his very own possession. We were always meant to be these people, following the example of Jesus, showing the goodness of God, as he called us out of darkness and into his wonderful light.

We won’t stumble if we trust in the Rock of Ages!

Inspiration for this devotional came from Whitney Houston’s rendition of “I Go to the Rock” with the Georgia Mass Choir, from “The Preacher’s Wife” soundtrack.

–Amara Yancey

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