Lenten Devotion #2

Ephesians 1:7-14

Free again

I use Alcohol Anonymous’ 12 step program for self-auditing. I replace the phrase ‘powerless over alcohol’ with ‘powerless over (my current corruption)’, and then work through the process and congratulate myself at step 12 as if I worked the program. It is this arrogance that always trips me up because it is the program that has worked me. This is what this passage of Ephesians is to me.

Of all the hassles and heartaches that I have created for myself, I still have the promise of freedom provided by Christ’s sacrifice. God laid out the 12 steps to redemption, and it came with all the steps completed. I have to remember that I have been sanctified, set apart to be free of the burdens that bring death to my soul and spirit, those things that separate me from God’s overarching plan for me and the world.

Help me Great God to be faithful to your plan and grateful for your sacrifice.


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