December 24 Advent Devotion

It’s an under-rated, under-untilized hymn. To tell the truth, I’d never made much attention to it until this year, when it really struck a chord (no pun intended…unless you like that sort of thing) with me.

It Came Upon a Midnight Clear was written in 1849 by a Unitarian pastor in Wayland, Massachusetts. What is different about this carol is that only the first verse speaks of what happened on the night that Christ was born. The rest of the song is about how, in the midst of human strife and war and the crushing load of life, the angels still come. The angels still come and sing. The angels still come with their song of peace on earth and goodwill to all. It was a song the shepherds needed to hear 2000 years ago, and it’s a message we desperately need to hear today.

This Christmas Eve, may you hear the songs of the angels echoing in the air and ringing through your life.

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