December 23 Advent Devotion

Habbakuk 3:13-19


Hear the guns

in churches

on streets

in schools

Notice the violence

at work

in homes

at the park

Feel the pain

from cancer

from famine

from disease

Witness the hatred

of races

of genders

of class

See the devastation

by earthquake

by tornado

by hurricane


Trust in the Lord

in darkness

in poverty

in despair

Believe in God

when cold

when hungry

when afraid

Seek the Spirit

in the flood

in the fire

in the wind

Rejoice in His name

in mind

in body

in soul

Shout to the earth

God is good

God is faithful

God is love

–Katie Kasten

2 thoughts on “December 23 Advent Devotion”

  1. YES! Great translation for my wife and I and for the world to hear, especially at this time and in this Advent season. I will be saving this.
    Thanks Anne
    Tom Cox
    PS -Your dad is one of my closest friends and has been my spiritual director off and on for 20+ years. We met him when we joined 2nd Pres over 20 years ago and became fast friends. Your mom recently composed an incredible prayer just for me. They are “salt of the earth” people.

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