December 20 Advent Devotion Part 2

Editors note:  Earlier we posted the inspiration behind today’s devotion…not here is the actual devotion by Elder Bob Spencer

A Spiritual Bucket List: Robert Spencer for December 20, 2017

On occasion I think about my bucket list, you know, those things I wish to do before I become incapacitated or die. I’ve done many things during my lifetime, but the other day I started to think about a spiritual bucket list. Should I have one was the first question to myself. The answer was simple, why not, maybe it would help me become closer to family, friends and to Jesus.

When I ask myself what I would like to experience, I find there are many things I could do better, so why shouldn’t I create my own spiritual bucket list.  So here is my first attempt at such a list.

Belief: I believe in the holy trinity, and the need for Jesus in my life, I want to keep it in better focus. I have my days when my faith is all over the place. Going to church on a regular basis is a start, but I miss opportunities with others to express my beliefs. Issues in our society distract me and let my anger affect my faith. None of us can afford to do this. This is a number 1 priority.

Supporting those who experience hardships in life: I’ve lived a charmed life. In fact, I should be dead from some of the episodes experienced. When I was at Westover Hills, I participated in a program where we fed and housed families for a week at a time. I learned humility and the need to care for others. It’s way too easy to develop a jaded attitude, and I need become more empathetic to those types of situations. Our job is to serve others in need. Our faith demands this and we need to listen to the calling.

Sharing our knowledge with others: As we age our knowledge increases and the chance exists where we should utilize the good information and share it with others. I understand quite a bit about personal finance and the need for all of us to develop a plan for the future. If we are going to build God’s kingdom, it does require financial resources. Couldn’t I share this with others since I have a working model? As I learn to share my finances with the church and others it value adds to my faith and hopefully to theirs.

Staying faithful to my church: Like any organization, our church has its ups and downs. I could go somewhere else, but the situations are much the same. I’m in this for the long run. I maybe have five years left and I want to stay active in our efforts to achieve and remain a force in our spiritual community.

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