December 17 Devotion

John 7: 40-52

This whole passage is about jumping to conclusions.  The Pharisees did not like what Jesus was saying and they automatically denied the claims that Jesus was the Messiah because he was from Galilee not Bethlehem.  They did not inquire or ask.  They assumed.  They told people how stupid they were because they hadn’t read the bible.  But they, themselves, refused to do their homework.  They wanted to believe what they wanted to believe.  They were not interested in the facts.

One time when my niece was visiting, she and I were having a conversation about God.  She had heard something about God at church that bothered her, and it was harsh and sad.  She asked me if God “would do that,” if God “was that mean.”  I responded with, “I don’t know exactly.  But what I do know is that God is LOVE and if it isn’t love, then it isn’t God.”  Whoever first talked to my niece was all wrapped up in the law and what they wanted to believe, rather than what scripture actually is telling us.  When you struggle to recognize God in your life – instead of jumping to conclusions on what your God should be – look into your heart, look to your bible, and remember – God is love, if it isn’t love, it isn’t God.

–Katie Kasten

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