December 16 Devotion

Ezekiel 36:24-28

The people of Israel had brought shame on the name of God.  They had done all sorts of heinous things – worshiped idols, murdered, etc, – and had done so when they were supposed to be an example of God to others.  How often do we claim to be examples of God and then act in a horrible way that shames us and God? Do we drive past the homeless and neglect those that need assistance? Do we judge others for what they wear or how they act? Do we condemn others using God against them, even though God is not a weapon, and it’s not our place to do so?

Hear the Good News presented here in the word of God! God’s promise to his people…..”For I will gather you up…..then I will sprinkle clean water on you…..I will give you a new heart, and I will put a new spirit in you.”

Do you ever doubt the good work God can do in you? Have you ever felt you were past the point of God’s grace…YOU ARE MOST DEFINITELY NOT!  God’s promise to the people of Israel is also God’s promise to you this very day!  You are never too broken, too sinful, too prideful to be renewed by God.  God loves you! He is ever present, ready to meet you with GRACE, KINDNESS, MERCY, and FORGIVENESS.   God will create a new heart in you!

–Katie Kasten

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