December 14 Advent Devotion

Habakkuk 2:1-5 

Meditations on this passage generally focus on the first couple of verses and ponder what it means to keep watch for what the Lord has to say and what the Lord will do, but it was the fourth verse that caught my attention this time. I have recently become aware that people who did not grow up listening to contemporary Christian music in the 80s (mostly because they weren’t alive), are not familiar with Amy Grant’s song, Fat Baby.

Take away from the passage and the song: don’t miss out on the abundant life promised to us by God by getting all wrapped up in yourself and in the things that don’t really matter.


Fun Fact: My dad took me and a friend to see Amy Grant when I was about 13. Her youth group from a much more conservative church was also there. When Amy and her back-up dancers started the soft shoe you see in the video, their minister made them get up and leave (because they were dancing–I had to be told what the problem was). My friend was really glad she had attended with a Presbyterian.

–Rev. Anne Russ

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