Why We Clean the Church Every Third Saturday

We ask all of our people at First Pres Argenta to volunteer three hours every three months to help deep clean the church on the third Saturday of every month. Catchy isn’t it? Three-Three-Three. Very Biblical. And, to keep our trinitarian theme going, there are three reasons why we do it.

  1. Our church gets dirty…because a lot of people use our church. We are not a Sunday morning building, We are a seven-day-a-week building with people of all ages coming in and out of our doors every day. That is awesome…but messy.
  2. It saves money. We run our church on a ridiculously low budge, and having a big clean each month saves us the money we would need to pay others to do it.
  3. This is the main reason–it’s our church. Ok, theologically, it’s Christ’s church, but he is unavailable for cleaning.  Part of being a good steward of our church is keeping it up. Part of welcoming others into our church is keeping it clean and presentable.

So, make sure you are a part of taking care of our church. The last third Saturday of the quarter is coming up. You can sign up here to help. 

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