Be On the Lookout

The Vision Team and the Session of First Presbyterian Church met together at the home of Rev. Anne Russ on Sunday. Kudos and thanks to all who gave up a beautiful afternoon to do the work of the church.

In moving forward with our vision for First Presbyterian, we are creating three ministry teams that will help us to be more intentional about our ministries, allow new people (and existing member) to more easily engage in those ministries and give more ownership of the ministries to our members.

You may be hearing from some of our leaders over the next few days and weeks. Many who are already doing great ministry in a particular area will find that  you will now be part of a team. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you will need to change what you are doing, but that you will be better connected to other ministries and (ideally) have more support and resources.

We will be moving toward fewer session meetings per year and more team meetings. The session will have its stated meeting in February, but March will be a time for teams to gather and plan and then the session will re-convene in April.

One of the many great things about First Pres Argenta is that we are willing to try new things, see how they work and adapt and change as we go.

So be on the lookout this week for the teams, what ministries they support and who the leaders are. lookout.jpg

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