Lent at First Pres Argenta

Lent begins one week from tomorrow.  Our theme this year is The Journey of the Stones. We’ll be looking a scriptures about stones in worship and studying the significance of stones in Christianity and other religions at our Wednesday night Bible study.

Join us for our Ash Wednesday service on February 10 at 6 p.m. for a service of imposition of the ashes.

Lent gives us an opportunity to journey together to prepare our hearts and minds for the Easter celebration of the empty tomb. Don’t miss this opportunity to take on a spiritual discipline and grow a little this Lent. Looking for a Lenten discipline?

We invite you to join in our Lenten photo challenge. Post your pic corresponding to the word of the day on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook with #lentargenta (see list below).

Or join our pastor’s challenge for women. Check out Women Lifting Women for Lent. 

The Rev. John Arnold has a number of suggestions for Lenten disciplines at The Practical Disciple. 

Plan to make the journey toward Easter with us.


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