A Message and a Prayer for Veteran’s Day

Veterans Day

A day for all of us to offer our thanks to those who served our country. As you look through your family history from years gone by to the present you’ll find someone who served in our military forces. Young men and women sacrificed a part of their lives to serve and protect us. Many received wounds, lost limbs, suffered from PTSD or made the supreme sacrifice. They did this for us.

You see young and old paying tribute by attending services at cemeteries and other public places. Old soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen and airwomen are in attendance. Some wear their old uniforms, or perhaps are wearing the medals they received in peacetime and war. You see some bent with age, while others are the new generation who serve. They all share a common bond, a brotherhood and sisterhood to ensure our citizens do not have to fear.

Some family members get out old photographs to refresh their memories. Letters from war zone are read again bringing back old memories. Maybe they remember the day a loved one came safely home and the wonderful greeting we gave them.  Fathers, brothers, sisters, uncles and aunts wore the uniform and performed all kinds of duties and with some killed in the performance of their duty. Our sons and daughters of today share in this legacy in military service.

Restaurants sometimes give a free meal to a vet in honor of the day. So if you know someone who served or is serving, go up to them, make good eye contact, firmly shake their hand or hug them and tell them, well done. Do you best to make our veterans feel valuable. Show them we appreciate what they did for each of us when they served. I had the opportunity to meet several Medal of Honor vets while on active duty and it indeed was a humbling experience. Perhaps you’ll find someone on Veterans Day to share with and feel a little humble as well.


Robert A. Spencer

CW4 USA (Ret)


A Prayer for Veteran’s Day


Gracious and loving God,

On this Veteran’s Day, we pray for all who have served our country on land or sea or air, at home or in far away lands.

We honor those who never made it home and pray God’s peace and mercy for those who still long for the the presence of those who were lost around the holiday table this year.

We pray for those who made it home alive, but for whom life has never been the same. For those who have seen taking their own lives as the only way out of the pain and for those who continue to struggle to find a way to live again.

We pray for families left behind when soldiers deploy. For temporarily single moms and dads and for brothers and sisters who take on more than their share to help keep the family going and together.

We pray for our nation’s leaders. That they would be good stewards of the lives of our men and women in uniform and never take lightly having to send them in to harm’s way.

We pray for the leaders of all nations. That peace would be the number one priority for those who rule.

May we never take for granted what those who wear the uniform have done and continue to do for the rest of us–especially those of us who would be highly unqualified if ever called upon to serve in that capacity.

We pray all of these things in the name of the Prince of Peace,


–Rev. Anne Russ

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