Praying with Your Children

This post is not just for people with children. Presbyterians make promises to all of our children at baptism to nurture them in the faith. So if you are a member of First Pres Argenta, you have kids for whom you are responsible.

Many people with kids make their way to our church because they want their children to grow up in church, but in a different kind of church than the one in which they grew up. They want for their children to grow up in an inclusive community where people are free to wrestle with scripture, to question their faith and to express their doubts.  Where they can participate in mission and worship as full participants and not be relegated to the children’s area.

But evangelicals turned progressives often struggle with how to pass down the faith they hold dear to their children using different words and prayers and rituals than the ones they remember growing up.

Here is a really helpful article from former evangelical Ben Irwin on why he’s not praying The Sinner’s Prayer with his children, and what he is praying with them instead.

What do you do with your kids regarding prayer, Bible study and theology that is different from the way you were raised?

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