10 Ways To Engage in Ministry This Week

We are all called to ministry. Here are 10 options for answering that call this week.

10. Invite a family to join us for Fall Festival. Make sure you mention the take-out spaghetti option. No cooking!

9.  Don’t miss worship this Sunday. We’ll wrap up our You Asked for It sermon series, and you can pick up your devotional book that goes with November’s sermon series.

8.Pray for brothers and sisters at the PCUSA church in Lonoke who are beginning the process of closing their church.

7. Sign up to help with our Seventh Street Food Pantry project

6. Can’t make it during a weekday? Organize a food drive for specific items that we can really use.

5. Invite someone (or several someones) to our third annual Pork, Poultry and Pie event.

4. Enter a pie in the contest.

3. Volunteer to help with P3.

2.  Start looking for bargains on socks and underwear to “decorate” our sock and underwear tree during Advent.

1. Text, call or write a church member you haven’t seen in awhile and check on them.

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