Being Mindful When We’re On the Move Makes It Easier to Stop and Be Still

It’s the opposite of a vicious cycle. Being mindful and aware as move throughout our day makes it easier for us to stop and be still, while taking the time to stop and be still helps us be mindful throughout our day. How do we live a more mindful life?

Here are some suggestions from Ruling Elder Rachel Pinto, MS, LAC, Clinical Director at Chenal Family Therapy, PLC North Little Rock Office:

  1. Be non-judgmental.

Do not rush to an opinion or an interpretation of an event. See everything, but cling to nothing. The quickest way to miss something important is to fixate on something else. Use “Teflon Mind,” and hold everything without letting anything stick.

And should you catch yourself in judgment, do not judge your judging! 🙂 Remember, it takes practice. Simply notice the judgment, and release it.

  1. Do one thing at a time.

If you are eating, eat. If you are cleaning, clean. If you are talking on the phone, then just do that one thing until you have concluded the conversation. “But how am I supposed to do one thing at a time when my children are with me?” Well…if you are with your children, then be with your children. 😉

Remember, this is not about perfection. It’s about practice and a gradual progress towards greater mindfulness.


  1. Practice willingness instead of willfulness.

Willfulness says, “I will do this, no matter what!” Willingness says, “I will do what is necessary in the moment.” Willfulness is a finite resource; within the context of self-compassion, willingness is infinite. There is much to be said here. Google it.


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