Stillness…There’s an App for That

Your smartphone may be your greatest ally in your effort to develop a practice of stillness and silence. There are several apps out there that can help, but here are two that I’ve found to be the most helpful

For the competitive meditator (you know who you are!), Stop, Breathe and Think is a great app that gives you a number of meditation options and then tracks your progress. You get “stickers” when you pass certain milestones and lets you know how much time you’ve spent each day and week in meditation.












The Centering Prayer app gives you the option of having an opening and closing prayer, lets you set how long you want to spend and allows you to choose an opening and closing sound to take you into and out of your time of stillness and silence. Available for IPad, IPhone and Android


There’s something really satisfying about taking something that often steals or interrupts our silence and turning it into a tool to help us take some of that time back.


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