Be Still or Be Sick

As a follow up to the message yesterday, we will be posting at least one tool a day throughout the week to help you be still.

One thing that many people find helpful is to set aside a space at home or work for times of stillness and silence.

It can be something as simple as a bench or table top or a corner or part of a closet that you separate from the rest of the space.

A simple bench with a candle, a bible and pens and paper for writing down thoughts that follow create a prayer space in the middle of a room.
Three candles to represent the trinity, a cross with a butterfly to symbolize the risen Christ and an hourglass that provides a focal point turn the end of a sofa table into a space for prayer and silence.
A hula hoop, some funky fabric, a throw pillow and some Christmas lights transform an ordinary corner into an extraordinary space for being still.

For those of you with kids at home, the idea of creating a space where you can be still and silent may seem like a ridiculous notion, but take a moment to think about where you might create such a space. How might you get your family to honor your commitment to a time of stillness and silence? And then, of course, there are the noise canceling headphones that are a great investment for anyone who needs to shut out the surrounding sounds from time to time.

In your work space, you may not be able to set aside an area for being still, but you can re-create the same space each day by setting a votive candle in the middle of your chaotic desk to be used as a focal point. Add an image that reminds you of something about God and you’ve created a temporary space that you can tuck back in a desk drawer until you need it again tomorrow.

The benefit to using the same space for stillness, meditation and prayer is that, after just a few times, the space will trigger your brain to automatically go to that place of stillness and it won’t take as long to quiet your mind.

So take a look around your home and/or your workspace and find place where you can practice some stillness and silence.

Be still and be well, friends.

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