How Will You Use Your Sunday Fuel This Week?

What happens on Sunday morning is just a small (albeit important) part of our journey as Christians. We should look at Sundays as a fuel day for the week. We gather together to hear the Word read and proclaimed, to pray for one another and our world, to lift our voices in songs of praise and to learn from the scriptures and each other. Those words and prayers and songs should serve to power us for the week ahead, in which we actually seek to live out all of that stuff we like to say we believe.

So take that fuel and;

be gracious to that overzealous soccer mom or baseball dad,

find a way to compliment the person behind the counter who looks like they’d rather be anywhere than where they are,

call someone who needs to know that someone is thinking about him/her,

do something nice for someone without him/her knowing who did it,

pray for the person in this world who irritates you the most,

forgive the person who has hurt you the most and

love yourself wildly and treat yourself gently.

See what I mean? This whole following Jesus thing is not for wimps. Just like an athlete needs fuel for the race or the game, we Christians need fuel for the journey.

How will you use your fuel this week?







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