Why our Pray and Play Stations of the Cross is a Sign of Things to Come

On Friday, I hope everyone will come and walk the stations of the cross at First Pres. As advertised, there will be a prayer activity for the adults at each station as well as a play activity for kids (adults are welcome to play as well).  You can thank Karen Hicks for pulling together all of the materials needed for each station.

Be on the lookout for (and be thinking about!) more worship and education experiences that offer something for all ages. Why?  One-third of the active participants in our congregation are under the age of 18…well, technically 15.

That’s right. We have about 90 active attendees and of those, 29 are children or youth. As far as other small churches in the area are concerned, we are living the dream.

That ratio means that pretty much every adult in our church needs to be engaged in some way in ministry to our children and youth.

Nobody freak out. That doesn’t mean that you have to teach our rambunctious elementary kids every Sunday (although we could really use some extra help there). There are a number of ways in which to engage in ministry with our youngest members.

  • Open your home to our youth on a fourth Sunday evening
  • Teach (or volunteer to assist) Sunday School
  • Help with kid-friendly fun events like the upcoming Easter Egg Hunt
  • Volunteer to help with VBS this summer (knowing the Ferncliff counselors do all the heavy lifting)
  • Think of ways that kid-friendly activities could be incorporated into our worship and other events
  • Find out what our kids are interested in and ask them to tell you about it.

Katie Reid, Jennifer Rigsby and Sharon Gaskin have been clever and creative and resourceful in putting together educational opportunities for our kids, but they can always use more help.

So come by and pray and play on Friday. And plan on engaging in that combination more often in the future.

–Rev. Anne Russ


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