A New and Improved Way to Feed The Kids Down The Road

For the last year, every other week, our church has been filling 55 backpacks with food for the weekend for kids at Seventh Street Elementary. While we have been excited to be able to help in this way, we know that the kids who need food over the weekend may have siblings and parents who are also hungry.

We have begun a conversation with the Arkansas Food Bank and Seventh Street to partner to provide a food pantry at the school for families who are experiencing food insecurity. The pantry would allow us to provide better quality food–including fresh produce and dairy products–every week for less money than we are spending to fill backpacks every other week.  Better food for more people for less money. How cool is that! Thanks be to God (and the Arkansas Food Bank)!

If you would like to be part of this conversation and involved in developing this program, the mission team of First Pres Argenta is meeting following Sunday school this week in the fellowship hall. If you can’t be there this Sunday, but are interested in being a part, contact Joseph Yancey at josephyancey@gmail.com or Cathy Frye  at catfried70@gmail.com for more information.

This is a really exciting opportunity to  expand an existing mission and make it even better. Join us in helping to make it happen.

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