Sports (et al) Vs. Church

My friend Neil Myer–a long-time director of youth in the PCUSA–recently pointed out that a person who averages twice-a-month worship attendance for an hour each time gets 24 hours of church a YEAR. The average American watches 24 hours of television a WEEK.  So what does that say about what we claim as our priorities versus how we actually live?

The below blog post expresses a frustration that all of us who have children involved in sports (my kid’s sport is dance) experience and reading it will make you uncomfortable…but go ahead and click through to read it anyway. .

Sports vs. Church

When our children commit to a team, parents commit as well. And we teach our children that they must honor that commitment–showing up for practices and games and competitions. The discipline of making a commitment and sticking to it will serve them well throughout life. But what about the commitment we make to the church and the commitments that parents and  congregations make at baptism? Are they not just as important? Just because we don’t know what to do about the ever-growing conflict between our children’s sport lives and their spiritual lives doesn’t mean we should ignore it.  How do we continue to have conversations about change and adaptation and how we keep our promises and raise our children to do the same?


–Rev. Anne Russ

P.S. Full disclosure–my own child will miss four to six Sundays over the next four months because of dance competitions.

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