Top 10 Things You Can Do this Week to Further the Ministry of First Pres Argenta

See how many you can do this week!  And once again, these are listed in not particular order.

1. Send a thank you note to someone who helped make one of the many events we’ve had over the last couple of weeks a reality.

2. Make your pledge for 2015. You can do it here online. 

3. Make a commitment to take care of yourself in this busy season that is coming up

4. Join us for Bible study on Wednesday night at Crush Wine Bar

5. Stay for Sunday School after worship this Sunday

6. If you have not already picked a particular person at the church to pray for in November, do it now…or continue praying for your person.

7. Share something that appears on our church Facebook page

8. Sign up to receive our weekly newsletter

9. Contribute to the Almighty’s Dollar fund this Sunday. Don’t know what that is? Every dollar bill that goes in the collection plate goes directly to outreach and mission.

10. Read your Bible.



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