Top 10 Things You Can Do This Week to Further the Ministry of First Pres Argenta

The following in list is in no particular order. Make it your mission this week to do at least half the things on the list.

10. Pray for our church and its leadership

9. Bring by stuff you don’t need (preferably by Friday) for the rummage sale at the Halloween Festival on Saturday from 4 to 7.

8. Invite/bring a child (other than your own) to the Halloween Festival

7. Don’t cook dinner on Saturday, but plan to pick up spaghetti to go as you depart from aforementioned Halloween festival (this is probably the easiest item on the list).

6. Sell at least 2 tickets (to someone other than your immediate family) to the upcoming P3 event on November 2 at 5 p.m.

5. Bring your kid (and yourself!) to Sunday School

4. Begin to give prayerful thought and have a discussion with your family about your financial pledge to the church in 2015.

3. Send a note/email/text to someone you haven’t seen in church for awhile to let them know they are missed.

2. Contact Karen/Floyd Hicks to see how you might help finish up the refurbishing of the old kitchen/butler’s pantry this week.

1. Sign up for text reminders about things that are coming up at First Pres.

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