The Faith We Find

I continue to be humbled and blessed by the faith that is demonstrated at First Pres, and I’m reminded that faith has many different forms and faces.

Faith that keeps us moving forward in spite of fears that might be paralyzing were it not for the belief that God is with us.

Faith that continues to be exercised even in the face of daunting doubts.

Faith in the face of confusion–the kind that insists on believing in God even when we don’t understand why the world could seem so bad if God is so good.

Faith in the power of scripture in the midst of contradictions and incompatible interpretations.

Faith in a God who loves us all, even when it’s hard to love each other…and when it’s even harder to love ourselves.

Faith in the gifts God has given us, even when sharing them seems terrifying at times.

Faith in the Church of Jesus Christ in the wake of its incarnations that have failed us, hurt us and turned against us.

It strengthens my own faith to bear witness to the faithfulness around me. After all, there must be something to this God we claim has a claim on us through Jesus Christ if so many thoughtful, intelligent and loving people insist on maintaining their faith in such a God in the midst of so many rational and reasonable reasons to let it go.

May we continue to journey together in faith, encouraging one another along the way.

Rev. Anne Russ

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