25 for 5

At a time when most Presbyterian churches are graying, we at First Pres Argenta are (surprise, surprise) not the norm. While we only have 45 active* adult members, we are just shy of 30 children age 14 and under.  And even though all of the children of First Pres are above average, there are just some ways in which they are not able to serve.

As we approach our fifth birthday of being the new incarnation of First Presbyterian, we need to order our ministries a little differently–especially if we continue (as I suspect we will) to do far more than a church our size and with our staff and with that many children has any business doing.

Our hope for our 5th birthday is that all of you 45 active adult members (and perhaps some of you regular attendees) will commit to at least one ministry team, but if we get down to the bottom line, we need a minimum of 25 people who will commit to a team. That means being involved in the shaping and the direction of a specific ministry–like Christian education for our kids and adults, mission outreach to our community, care for our space, nurturing our membership and more.

If you’ve already told a team leader you would serve on their team, but haven’t officially signed up, please do so here.

If you want to know more about a specific ministry, check out descriptions on the sign up and/or you can contact one of our team leaders.

Mission/Outreach                                                   Cathy Frye         cfry@arkansasonline.com

Christian Formation for Children and Youth            Katie Reid         katier0920@aol.com

Christian Formation for Adults                                 Natasha Deal    natashadeal@gmail.com

Worship                                                                   Rachel Pinto                     rpinto.lac@gmail.com

Temple Care (aka facilities)                                     Floyd Hicks                       fhicks@msn.com

Fellowship                                                               Julie Mott                           jphaywood@yahoo.com

Fundraising                                                              Lori Moore/ Jim Haney     lormor13@yahoo.com

Pastoral Care                                                           David Murray                    melndavid@windstream.net

Garden                                                                     Rob Fisher                        mfisher123@att.net

And if you are unsure as to where your gifts can best be used, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. Please prayerfully consider where you are being called to serve in our weirdly wonderful church. And when you decide, be sure and sign up, so we can add your name to our cool cupcake infographic (or maybe it’s just a graphic…but it’s still cool).

Many thanks,

Rev. Anne Russ

*There are actually around 60 official adult members on our roles, but active is defined as adults who have joined the church and participate regularly in the life of the church.


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