What if salvation isn’t found in Trivia Night or Indiegogo?

Like many churches, we struggle with funding the mission and ministry we feel called to, so we’re always looking for new sources. Since our folks are pretty good at giving what they have to give, and no one has even sent a response from the last three grants we’ve applied for, we’re starting to get creative.

To raise start-up funds for our “Pay What You Can” meal program we’re launching in September, we’re having a Trivia Night that I was hoping  would become a regular event.

To help fund our new Sunday School initiative that uses I-Pad apps and features to help teachers share the Good News, we’ve turned to crowd source funding.

So far, neither plan is working very well.  Turns out people in our church are not super thrilled about sending e-mails or posting FB links asking friends and family to donate. Go figure. Who doesn’t love asking people for money?

Getting together a trivia team with the folks from work or school or the neighborhood doesn’t seem to be at the top of anyone’s list, either. Imagine not being serious about trivia!

So what’s a church with mission addiction issues and a soon-to-be problem roof over the education wing to do? If Trivia Night and Indiegogo are not the answer, the what is? I suspect we’ll figure it out. And until then, we’ll continue to do the best we can with what we have, attempting to strike that balance between being good stewards of the money we have without becoming so worried about money we forget that we’re here for any other reason than to worry about the money.

We’ll also be working on that balance between trusting in God and getting off our butts to make stuff happen.  That’s a hard balance to strike. Somewhere between giving up all our responsibility to let God take care of everything and risking total volunteer/staff burnout from believing we have to (and can!) do it all ourselves, there is a place for us (cue the West Side Story soundtrack). It’s a place where we are confident that our salvation isn’t in roofs that don’t leak or Sunday School lessons that teach about the women of the Old Testament with a game of Heads Up or even in fun/fund-filled Trivia Nights.

Our salvation is in Jesus Christ and our Hope is in Him. We will live into that Hope no matter what.  It would just be nice to do it in a dry building, with effective Christian education and a budget with a little wiggle room.


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