Time to Stockpile the Food for the Kids

…not nearly as catching as “time to make the donuts,” but perhaps we could work up a better slogan. In an effort to reduce costs for stuffing the weekend food backpacks for the kids at Seventh Street, Cathy Frye has come up with a schedule of things to bring on different Sundays this summer so we can create an inventory of supplies.

It all kicks off this Sunday.

July 6: Mac & Cheese Mania (boxes or individual containers)

July 13: Soup Sunday (chicken noodle or Ramen noodles tend to be most popular)

July 20: Fruit Frenzy (individual cups, please, not cans)

July 27: Snack Sunday (microwave popcorn, granola bars, snack crackers, pudding cups, trail mix, etc…)

Aug. 3: Chef Boyardee Bonanza: All things Chef B. Or Spaghetti-Os!

Aug. 10: Breakfast Bounty: cereal bars, packets of microwave oatmeal, Pop Tarts, individual cereal boxes

Aug. 17: Lunch Bunch: Tuna-and cracker kits, Vienna sausages, canned veggies, cans of chili

Aug. 24: Pantry Raid: Bring whatever you happen to already have on hand.

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