Don’t Kick the Bucket

In light of some of the decisions that have been made at the 221st PCUSA General Assembly, individuals and entire groups have pledged to leave or cut ties with our denomination. I would urge these folks to remember all that we have done together and to not kick the bucket.

You see…

You and I each have a bucket

It can be filled with water, sand, rice, grain…whatever

It’s not a real bucket

It’s a metaphor

Every time I lift you up, encourage you, help you or work with you, your bucket fills up a little more.

Every time you lift me up, encourage me, help me or work with me, my bucket fills up a little more.

But when I do something you don’t like or hurt you in some way or do seomthing to tear you down, then a little bit of water or sand or rice or grain spills out of your bucket.

When you do something I don’t like or to hurt me in some way or do something to tear me down, then a little bit of water or sand or rice or grain spills out of my bucket.

If we have a good relationship, our buckets stay pretty full.

More filling up than spilling out

But then I made that move…

The one you didn’t like

The one you thought disrespected you

The one you were sure was done deliberately to hurt you…

And you kicked over the whole bucket.

All the good news

All the good times

All the good will

All the good deeds

spilled out and were completely forgotten

And then, because everything that filled your bucket was gone and forgotten, there was nothing to stem your anger and keep you from turning your bucket upside down so I couldn’t fill it up again.

Please know that my bucket is not empty, and it remains upright

And I remain ready to fill yours with more water or sand or rice or grain at any time.


–Rev. Anne Russ

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