Vacations and World Visions

I was on vacation last week and, quite frankly, trying to avoid anything having to do with politics, world affairs or even religion (beyond my own Lenten disicplines and daily prayers). But while I was out, World Vision (an organization that, above all, feeds the hungriest of children in the poorest of places) managed to embroil itself in a controversy over gay marriage that, in the end, angered both conservative and progressive supporters.

Despite the fact that the situation was handled badly and my own disappointment in World Vision’s reversal, I have to say shame on anyone who decided to withhold support from this group that feeds hungry children because you don’t agree with their stance (the first OR the second) on gay marriage. That is about as UN-Christian as you can get (and unfortunately, even the most devoted Christians have bouts of being un-Christ like). Thank God we always have the chance to turn around and try to get it right the next time as people forgiven through the very One we have failed to follow.  

That being said, we need to recognize how painful this week has been–to Christians (both straight and gay), to World Vision employees and volunteers and to those outside the Church who already view Christians in a dim light. One of our members shares her own reaction to the week HERE. (fyi: at least one four letter word is used in this piece)

May we continue to strive to work together to serve the least of these, even when we disagree, being ever mindful of how our words and actions affect those around us. May we be agents of healing, not hurt; reconciliation, not resentment; and hope, not despair. 

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