Who Do Our Hearts Break For?

Recently, I was asked this question, “Who does your church’s heart break for?” While I think most Christians would say that our hearts break for the poor and the hungry and the sick and outcast, the asker of the question wanted to know who it is our church particularly seeks to reach. At first, my answer was, “people who don’t think they need God or the church,” but after thinking about it more, I realized that the answer for me (and I think for many people in our church) is that our hearts break for those who think the church doesn’t want them. The people who have been hurt by the church and the people who think that “church people” wouldn’t want anything to do with them.

I am finding more and more people who fall in to that category. People from all sorts of educational, professional and socio-econonmic backgrounds fit the bill. The perception that the church is anti-this and anti-that still persists over the belief that church is a place where love is shared and grace abounds. And because we know that the latter is true and have found a place to belong, we are compelled to share that news with others.

If you have not read Rachel Pinto’s idea for one way in which we can share this news, you can see it here. On the face of it, a lip-dub video may seem like kind of a silly, cheesy concept–and it is(that’s what makes it fun!), but it’s also much more than that. It is a way to share with the world that ours is a church where the joy of Jesus Christ is contagious and where people are called to live out their passions in response to God’s presence in their lives. Those of us who who are part of such a place may take for granted what a gift it is and forget what life was like before we found it.

If there was a ever a Sunday to miss church, this Sunday is not it.  Come ready to worship, to learn, to eat and to take part in a joyful celebration that we can share with others, so that they, too, might know that this is God’s joyful house and everyone is welcome here.

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