A Prayer for the Overworked

Creator of all things,

We pray for those who are overworked and overwrought

For those who feel like there are not enough hours in the day and for those who fill their hours with that which does not feel like enough

For those who are facing layoffs and those who are looking for help to bear the load

For those who find it easier to be at work than to be at home

For those who feel no control over the number of hours they must work and for those who choose to work more than they should

For those who are working as fast and as hard as they can and find they still can’t make the ends meet

For those who are struggling to keep a job while caring for an aging parent, an ailing spouse, a child with special needs or all of the above.

For those who would love to be working but aren’t

Loving and Ever-Present God,

Direct the wayward

Energize the weary

Lift up the worn down

Remind us that we cannot bear fruit on our own and help us to find Sabbath rest.


–Rev. Anne Russ


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