Why Refusal of Service is Just Not Christian

The most bizarre thing has happened in Arizona. The state has granted permission for business owners to refuse service to people based on the business owners’ religious beliefs. And here’s the kicker–the movement was led by Christians!

I can understand a business owner wanting the right to  choose who he or she does business with, but how can refusing someone service be linked to Christianity?  Our leader was always all about service–even to those who did not conform to the teachings of His religion nor to the acceptable behavior standards of the society in which He lived.

So even if you do believe way down deep in your soul that someone is living in a way that is contrary to God’s plan, how can you refuse to serve them and continue to claim Christ?  Can you refuse service to someone you consider unclean and continue to follow the one who touched lepers, dined with tax collectors and hung out with prostitutes?

If you can’t be joyful when any two people love each other enough to commit to one another for life, that’s up to you.  But don’t claim Christ as a reason to not make them a cake.

If you want control over who you will and won’t serve in your business, more power to you, but don’t use Jesus as an excuse for excluding others.

The whole notion of refusal of service is about as anti-Christian as anything I can think of, since a life in Christ is a life of service.  We can’t claim a commitment to Christ and then refuse to serve all of God’s children.

–Rev. Anne Russ

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