Cheerios Reminds Us That Our Work Here is Not Done

Last May, Cheerios aired the following totally adorable and endearing commercial:

How cute is that? For those of you who may not have noticed, the little girl’s parents did not share the same skin tone. This commercial resulted in so many racial slurs on its YouTube page that Cheerios had to pull the comments section. Yeah, seriously. How much hate do you have to harbor in your heart not to fall in love with that kid? How secluded are you that your entire circle of friends and family is made up of only one ethnic group or skin color?

On Super Bowl Sunday, Cheerios will air this follow-up commercial:

Kudos to Cheerios. Shame on the haters. Reminder to us that the world is not yet as hospitable as our odd little church is. Let’s do what we can to change that.


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