Spirit Day

Today, many are wearing purple to support Spirit Day and stand up against bullying of all kinds, particularly in the LGBT population.

Very few of us think of ourselves as bullies, but the truth is there are things we can all do to stop the tide of hate and hurt.

1. Remember that hurtful words are NOT funny. Even when you follow up a cruel comment with a  “just kidding,” it does not negate the damage that is done.

2. If you have kids in your home, fight fair with them and with your spouse. Don’t use disparaging or hurtful words as weapons. “You’re so stupid” or “You can’t do anything right” are terms that don’t belong in any home.

3. Never use any word that relates to someone’s gender or sexual orientation as a slur. Telling a guy who cries that he is “such a girl!” or a girl who does something dorky that she is “so gay” only serves to promote gender and sexual stereotypes.

4. Make a point of encouraging others. When you tell someone how well they did a job or how talented they are or how much you enjoy their company, you are giving them the confidence they need to stand up to bullies and the self-worth they need to not become bullies themselves.

5. Pray for those you know who are bullies and those being bullied. The truth is that both are hurting and need our love and support.

May we be Kingdom people, working for a day when we can all love one another in all of our glorious diversity as God first loved us.

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