NASCAR Liturgy

I was out this weekend being an adult sponsor at our Presbytery’s annual Junior High Youthquake. In my absence, ruling elder Katie Kasten put together a service that revolved around the sport of NASCAR, including a message on why the Christian Faith is like NASCAR. We thought there might be other churches out there who appreciate her creative take on the liturgy and have a NASCAR Sunday of your own.

Call to Worship:
R: Christians, Start your engines!
All: Boogity, Boogity, Boogity, Lets go racing!

Prayer of Confession:
Reader: Lord we come to you thankful.
All: For the vehicles that brought us here. For the Toyotas, for the Chevrolets, and for the Fords.
R: Lord, we are even thankful for the Chryslers and especially thankful for the Subarus.
All: Lord we know you have laid out a course for us. You have mapped your plan.
R: Forgive us Lord for turning right when the road goes left.
All: Forgive us Lord for bumping the car in front of us just to gain position.
R: Forgive us Lord for spinning the tires on a restart.
All: Forgive us Lord for losing our temper and throwing our helmet at other drivers’ cars.
R: Be with us Lord on this Earthly race.
All: Buckle us in your love Lord and fasten us into your Grace.

Assurance of Forgiveness:
R: Lord, we accept this Christian race in life. We accept that we need your help to complete this race and that you are there with us through all the turns, all the crashes, and the pit stops. Your forgiveness is our ultimate Restart in life. We are redeemed and know because of your Grace we will all be in Victory Lane with you in Heaven when this earthly race is done.
All: Thanks be to God!

Invitation: The invitation to the Christian race is always an open one. There is no qualifying lap. If this race is one you would like to run at this track with this crew, please see me or call Anne when she returns. We would love to have you join us in the race!

As you leave here today:
May the Lord go with you. May He go before you to allow you to draft. May He go behind you to give you a push. May He go beside you to help you block. May He go as your crew chief to whisper encouragement in your ear along the way.
God speed to all of you until we all celebrate together in Victory Lane!

Please feel free to use with attribution to Katie Kasten.

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